A Blog On Blogging and Why You Should Do It

Perhaps it’s a little redundant to write a blog on blogging, but blogging has now become an important part in marketing your website. As a matter of fact, some consider it the most important part. As I mentioned in another blog, the way to market your site not only involves having the right organic pieces (meta-data, structured data, etc.) in place to gain ranking in search engines, you also need to provide relevant, useful, and fresh content.

Why is blogging so important? Well, for one thing it’s the epitome of content integration. Your blog posts not only contain content and words related to your service or industry, it can include video, images and infographs to further enhance your topic. Blogging also gives you the opportunity to prove you are the expert. Blogs that are well done can become respected and trusted resources of information for those seeking it.

If your blog provides accurate and descriptive information it will eventually gain an audience. And, if it is connected to your website, then your website is seen by search engines as an authoritative site thus given it more importance and more likely to show up higher in search engine results.

On top of that, people can subscribe and interact with your blog with comments or content of their own. Blogs can be set-up to easily shared as well on Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, or just about anywhere.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to create fresh and unique content for you site. It’s fluid nature give you the power to describe new products, announce a sale, promote an event, give a ‘how-to’ lesson, complain about the weather or talk about whatever you want to talk about. A side benefit is that the more often your site is updated with content, the more often it will be crawled, which will also help you with your SEO efforts.

In the end, blogging is easy to set-up and can also be fun! Especially if you are passionate about the topic you write about. Blogs are far less formal than the general information displayed on a website which allows readers to engage in more personal and entertaining way. Successful blogs that gain enough of an audience can even give you advertising opportunities allow you to increase your revenue!

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